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Music Sounds Better With U

  • Lanzamiento: 1 de Noviembre/ 2011
  • Colaboracion: Mann
  • Escritores: Ryan Tedder, Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt
  • Descarga Digital: iTunes (US)
  • Productor: Ryan Tedder
  1. Letra: Music Sounds Better With U:
    Better with you
    Better with you, yeah

    I tried to write this down
    The words just don't come out
    It's hard to say how you feel
    Been down the longest road
    Said yes when I meant no
    I lost control of the wheel

    Cause you know that
    Things get so bad
    You've got my back
    Make me wanna sing, and girl I'm singing 'bout ya
    No sweeter sound than what I've found
    No perfect love could be more perfect than us

    Oooo baby
    It feels like
    It feels like
    Music sounds better with you
    It feels right
    It feels right
    Everything's better with you
    [End Chorus]

    I used to think that love 
    Was something fools made up
    Cause all I knew was heartbreak
    Whoa, I couldn't help myself
    Let this heart go through hell
    There's only so much a heart can take

  1. So what you want my number for?
    We talked enough and lets talk some more
    You are kind of cute don't hit the mute
    Just say that you get the loot

    I-I-I-I wanna see You-You-You-You telling me
    That-That-That you got what I need
    Do pretty girl don't speak


    Guys like me, like girls like you
    And girls like you, like guys like me
    Guys like me, like girls like you
    Girls like you, like guys like me

    [Chorus x2]

    La La La La La

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